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Pet Society is one of famous Facebook games

For more details, visit

Video : Pet Society Coin Hack

(It Works)

Video : Pet Society Level Hack

(Havn’t try)

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  1. Anonymous Said,

    hi, I have a problem with this coin hack. I have sold an item in my chest and i have tick hex, 8 bytes, also scan read only memory, fast scan, hyper scan. However, after the scan, it has no results. May I know why is it happening?

  2. Anonymous Said,

    oh! and the number i have put in the hex box is 840FFF85C12A0FF2

  3. CMWONG Said,

    just test it , still works :)
    this method work with IE , please note
    your “hack” step is correct

  4. Anonymous Said,

    hmm.. if it’s correct, do you have any idea, why the address isn’t coming out when i click on the scan button? I’m using Flash Player 9 too…

  5. CMWONG Said,

    you may go to forest or feed/bath with other pet to earn some coins.
    this value can find when you have earn some coins.
    my experience is go to forest earn few coins , then go back home, the value could be found.

  6. Mee Said,

    1.What is IE and how do you download it ?
    2. I did all that you said but no address came ut .. Why ??

  7. CMWONG Said,

    Answer to Mee:
    1, IE is Internet Explorer
    2, you may try to reinstall the flashplayer to 9 or 10
    Also, firefox can do that, not only on IE

  8. Bernard Said,

    I have prob hacking too. No addresses listed after scanning. ANy idea if Pet Society has disabled the hacking? I’m using Internet Explorer. WHen I click to select which platform I am using, there are a few iexplorer.exe files, so how do i know which one to select? ANy idea? Thanks for your help.

  9. CMWONG Said,

    The coin hack is still work.
    You need to close other Internet Explorer exclude the Pet Society. There should only one Internet Explorer left.
    Or, you can look at “Process List” from Cheat Engine, the bigger ID is recently open Internet Explorer.

    You can try other browsers and flash player.
    e.g. Some people can use in Firefox but not in Internet Explorer.

  10. agil Said,

    hey CMWONG, i did all those steps,,
    but it can’t found any address..
    let me write down so maybe you can correct me..

    *i click on Pet Society applications..
    *loading screen appear..
    *finished loading, screen showing my Pet’s house..
    *i click Cheat Engine..
    *click Firefox.exe
    *entering the hex code and thick all that the code needs
    *start scanning..
    *and..TADA!! no address found..

    how could it be??

  11. CMWONG Said,

    Hi agil, before scanning, have you sell something or win some coins ? This value can be find after you win some money.

  12. Jasmine Said,

    Does this hack still work if you use Cheat Engine 5.5 and you have flash player 10?
    get back to me. (:

  13. CMWONG Said,

    @Jasmine, Hi Jasmine
    It still works, i use Cheat Engine 5.4 and flashplayer 9 in Interner Explorer

  14. Leon Said,

    I have the same problem as agil, I did all that was told and when i scanned i get 0 address found.

  15. CMWONG Said,

    @Leon, Hi Leon
    agil is missing a step “earn coins”
    e.g sell something, go forest, bath with pets
    have you do one of that ?

  16. Leon Said,


    I thought we just need to sell something then we scanned for the address?

    the go forest comes after that? bath with pets? never see it in the video…

  17. Wendy Said,

    I have also have the same problem, i have earn the coins. I tried to sell apple, go forest but it is still the same.

  18. CMWONG Said,

    in the video, it sell something
    but if you cannot find the address , try others way to earn/use coins

  19. CMWONG Said,

    In this case, change the browser / flashplayer / Cheat Engine
    I’m using IE 7 , flashplayer 9, Cheat Engine 5.4

  20. Leon Said,

    Is the cheat engine for MAC? and btw, what’s the save opt for in pet society?

  21. CMWONG Said,

    @Leon, Cheat Engine does not have MAC version
    maybe build by source code
    or others similar program

  22. Leon Said,

    Hi CMWONG,

    It works for my the other computer… thanks!

  23. CMWONG Said,

    @Leon, That’s great
    would you recommend this site to others ?
    Also , click some adv. can help this site

  24. Legros Said,

    Hai CMWONG do the level hack still work?

  25. AwaNk Said,

    is this cheat still work???i tried but nothing happen…thx

  26. AwaNk Said,

    is this cheat still work??i tried but nothing happen…thx

  27. mariel Said,

    i do all the steps in the video using IE and falsh player 9, I scanned it and found 2 address, the game freezed and so on but when i go back inside my house my coins are the same.

  28. CMWONG Said,

    coin hack still works, just test it

  29. CMWONG Said,

    the level hack still works at yesterday

  30. CMWONG Said,

    normally can find 1 address only,
    please check is you using this code.

  31. Leon Said,

    Yup, already recommended this sites to my frens!

  32. Leon Said,


    Can have the hack level video in english? or can you write down step by step? Thanks!

  33. rah Said,

    Hi, I tried using it on parallels on my mac, and my firefox started to freeze like crazy despite doing what the instructions said. I tried on I.E and the same problem occured.

  34. AwaNk Said,

    i still can’t do the coin hack to my account…when i try to find the address is show 0 found…>.<
    arghh….i’m so confuse..ahaha

  35. Choco Said,

    Uh, I did everything accordingly. I did this cheat before, but why when I do it now, I can’t seem to find the ECX 000001 in the Cheat Engine Registers List? Any idea?

  36. MF Said,

    Were you able to do it on the mac? I’m trying to figure out how to do it on a mac

  37. Legros Said,

    So now the Level Hack it’s patched or what?

  38. Leon Said,

    I tried the level hack yesterday, the I.E shuts down when i execute the cheat. So does that mean that the level hack had been patched?

    CM WONG can verify?

  39. mariel Said,

    @CMWONG, thanks it works.. ^_^

  40. Leon Said,


    nah, don’t know how to use ihaxgamez… haha

  41. Jasmine Said,

    Okay, Well It Hasn’t Worked For Me,
    I Sell The Apple Or Whatever,,
    But I Get No Search Results.. :S

  42. Keigo Said,

    Hi Wong, can i know how you install flash player 9? I got it from the official site but when i tried installing flash player 9, system will prompt me to get the latest version which is flash player 10. And i’ve tried several times with flash player 10, but I can never get the address.. Please help! Thanks!!

  43. Anon Said,

    Well if you have downloaded cheat engine and everything doesnt work. Try right clicking the cheat engine logo at the top right hand of your cheat engine program. The only reason is that your computer does not support DBVM. I have no idea how to make your computer support it but if it does not support then you cant use cheat engine.

  44. CMWONG Said,

    @Leon, Thanks Leon

  45. CMWONG Said,

    Play the ball , catch 1 times , scan “1″ in Cheat Engine (First time to use “First Scan”)
    Then , play ball, catch the ball 2 , scan “2″… (Use “Next Scan”)
    Until… Find only 1 address.
    Set it monitor the write on this address.
    Then play ball, then you can change the vaild.

    Also, i find a english video in youtube
    “Pet Society level and coins hack!! ACTUALLY WORKS!” upload at 31/1/2009

  46. CMWONG Said,

    did any popup occur when firefox freeze ?

  47. CMWONG Said,

    @AwaNk, can you use different browser? or other computer?
    Internet Explorer & Firefox both are recommend
    many peoples tell me that they can success when they use other computer

  48. CMWONG Said,

    @Choco, Just finish my coin hack , it success
    “ECX 000001″ is value of how much coins to add
    you sell something more than 1 coins ?
    it seems that not “000001″ is not problem to hack it

  49. CMWONG Said,

    @Legros, level hack still works, just test it
    recommend other youtube video for you
    “Pet Society level and coins hack!! ACTUALLY WORKS!”
    the level hack is start from 2 mins

  50. CMWONG Said,

    @Leon, IE shutdown is IE problem, not the level hack
    just test the level hack still work
    my pervious comment have video link about the “level and coin hack”
    please see it, quite helpful

  51. cd Said,

    hi, i followed every step and when i scaned, it comes ou 26 address…
    i don’t know what to do and how to make it one …
    could you help me?

  52. CMWONG Said,

    Try other browses or other version of flash player,it is very simply way
    Internet Explorer & Firefox both are recommend

  53. CMWONG Said,

    if cannot change the flashplayer, try using other browse eg firefox or other computer
    firefox :
    feel free to ask me :)

  54. Jane Said,

    Hey, I have searched for this Cheat Engine, but I can’t find it nowhere. Can you give me a link, so I can download it. Thanks.

  55. CMWONG Said,

    Cheat Engine can download at

  56. Steve Said,

    I used IE with flash play 9 and tried with ce 5.4 and 5.5 , it cant work either. i tried firefox, it asked me to update to flash 10.. cant work as well.. is there any way again?

  57. Aaron Said,

    Hi CMWONG, my comp don’t support DBVM

  58. CMWONG Said,

    @Steve, can you tell me what’s your step ?

  59. Steve Said,

    open the ce, then open either firefox or IE, then tick the hex, change the value 0000 to the 840FFF85C12A0FF2, change to 8 bytes, tick the also scan read memory, open chest sell an item, close the chest, then first scan. and it comes out nothing.. no address at all..

  60. Zhang Said,

    hi. ive tried those steps above but it didnt work. i used flash player 9 and mozilla firefox. i dont know if i did something wrong, here are the steps i did:

    1 opened pet society
    2 sold an item (i sold an apple) then closed the chest
    3 leave pet’s house and wandered through the forest, pet earned 3 coins
    4 go back to pet’s house
    5 opened CE
    6 checked HEX, Also scan read-only memory, Fast scan, and Hyper scan
    7 entered the HEX code (840FFF85C12A0FF2)
    8 clicked on First scan

    but the address didnt come out :(

    my questions:

    1 do i have to wander around the forest while CE is doing the first scanning? (the scan runs so fast, only for 2-3 secs)
    2 how do i know that my laptop doesnt support DBVM? do i have to google it?

    thanks for helping me :D

  61. ask Said,

    hey what happens if playfish catch you for cheating??

  62. CMWONG Said,

    change the 8 bytes , then input the code
    otherwise, the code will change

  63. CMWONG Said,

    before your step7. you should change “8 bytes”

  64. CMWONG Said,

    Ha… good question…
    No one know…

  65. stars Said,

    hi there…i duno y the hyper scan in the cheat engine cannot be ticked if i choose for iexplorerer….but for firefox den can…firefox don allow me t open with flash 9……
    how to go about solving it?

  66. CMWONG Said,

    @stars, remove the flashplayer, install version 9

  67. Confused@@ Said,

    i follow the steps using CE, but hex 840FFF85C12A0FF2 always prompt me error. how come?
    how to make my computer supports DBVM?

  68. Anonyma Said,

    Have just tested this. It still works. Am using CE 5.5, IE and Flash Player 9 on Vista Ultimate.

    HOWEVER, Pet Society automatically disconnects me from their servers once I’ve gained 2 rounds of coins or more (around 100k+) :(

  69. CMWONG Said,

    Thanks for testing,
    dont use too much value in coin hacking (>9999)…
    and wait few minutes between two hacking…
    otherwise…show error page…

  70. CMWONG Said,

    what your CE,flashplayer,browser version ?
    follow all step exactly ?

  71. Tiffany Said,


    may i ask u a question? Because when i was trying the above steps, it was failed & saying “the hyper scan is failed, the remote scan rountine didn’t tell me how to cancel the scan, which makes me to believe the scan never start. I have disabled hyperscan. Try the scan again” SO, what’s the problems??

    Thanks a lot~~


  72. Confused@@ Said,

    my CE is 5.4, flash player 10, firefox…
    but now i’m also facing the same problem as Tiffany which appears this message “hyper scan is failed, the remote scan rountine didn’t tell me how to cancel the scan, which makes me to believe the scan never start. I have disabled hyperscan. Try the scan again”.

    Help me. Thanks.

  73. CMWONG Said,

    @Tiffany, What’s your windows version ?

  74. CMWONG Said,

    What your windows version?
    rare heard that CE have this problem…

  75. Confused@@ Said,

    windows vista

  76. CMWONG Said,

    @Confused@@, basic version ?

  77. Confused@@ Said,


    basic version? means ?

  78. fdude Said,

    i used these steps:
    1 opened pet society
    2 sold an item (i sold an apple) then closed the chest
    3 leave pet’s house and wandered through the forest, pet earned 3 coins
    4 go back to pet’s house
    5 opened CE
    6 checked HEX, Also scan read-only memory, Fast scan, and Hyper scan
    7 change to 8 bytes
    8 entered the HEX code (840FFF85C12A0FF2)
    9 clicked on First scan

    but an error came out, somrthing with the hyperscan says “it didnt tell me how to cancel it so i believed that the hyperscan has never started”. i dunno why but it sounds funny.

    just to know i am using widows vista home premuim, IE and Flash Player 9.

    thnx for any help. :D

  79. revol Said,

    Hi i have managed to hack the money but it seems tat after i have trying to save or buying things the pet society will freezed..
    is there any solution?

    For extra information im using mozilla firefox,Flash player 9 and windows home premium..


  80. sigh Said,

    @CMWONG: thx 4 all the infos.. I’ve tried all the cheats starting from money hack.. clone hack.. and it works! oh yeah.. and the clone codes are zuper amazing! just now I’ve been trying on the ball hack *sigh* and it always failed.. First scan is okay, next 2 or 3 scan still okay.. but the next scan all the address is gone T_T btw, I’m using firefox.. and I’ve tried using IE7 as well.. both are failed! T_T

    ps. sorry for my bad english

  81. catherine Said,


    can you do that for me ?

  82. CMWONG Said,

    @fdude, What’s the error message say ?

  83. CMWONG Said,

    @revol, after success change the ECX ?
    close CE if you success.

  84. CMWONG Said,

    ball hack is difficult, need to try and error again again…
    if you want increase paw point, please see this

  85. CMWONG Said,

    i don’t understand what you mean ?

  86. sigh Said,

    yes it is very hard..
    after trying so many times still no luck for me on that one.. T_T
    yea this afternoon I’ve tried paw point hack and succeded.. heheh.. ^_^
    I’m using paw hack just to fool around with my friend that don’t know how to hack..
    by adding my paw point just a little bit more than his paw point.. harharhar.. *evil*
    after he gives up then I’ll recommend this site to him.. hahahahahahaha..

    btw, IMHO adding too many paw points isn’t cool at all.. :P

  87. Peter Said,

    hi C.M Wong

    My Laptop does not support DVBM…. How to make it support???
    Or can you help me increase the coins???
    I will be deeply appreciate if you could help me top up my coins for 4 times….

  88. Pepoula Said,

    Hi there! I tried cheating, followed instructions step by step, but when I check “hyper scan” my ie restarts… :( Can you please help me with that?
    I use ie 7, flash player 10… does it matter that player is 10 and not 9?

    Thanks in advance

  89. Skyblader Said,

    Wow, Quite active. Just one little help. See, I ddi the coin hack. Works perfectly and loving it. I have the problem with the level hack. Maybe you should gie really detailed instructions. Firsly, I would play with my pet so the counter hits 1, and before it drops onto the ground, I make sure the scan is complete. But once I repeat these steps until step 4/5, no addresses were left. Tried several times. Before this happened, it worked.. I found 1 value left. But other than the mov blah blah, it had other stuff below it un like yours. So I restarted and then no addresses started to show. Help greatly appreciated. Maybe You don’t understand what I’m saying, just hope you can give a more detailed instruction.

  90. CMWONG Said,

    haha…good story… :D
    use negative value can drop a little bit paw point
    also thanks your support :)

  91. CMWONG Said,

    DBVM not compatible with AMD processors

  92. CMWONG Said,

    have fun

  93. CMWONG Said,

    sorry, it should
    found it at

  94. jude Said,

    im using mac, anyone could help me?
    I desperately needs coins :)

  95. Alex Said,

    I have tried this several times on three different computers and I seem to have the same result. I do find an address and I follow instructions exactly, get no errors and nothing closes out, but my pet only gains 1 coin as usual. I’ve repeated the step as shown in the video several times too. Right now I’m using IE 7.0, CE 5.4, and Adobe Flash 9.0. I’m in XP, but I did try it in Vista once as well. Any ideas?

  96. Alex Said,

    I should have specified that when I return to CE, the ECX has returned to 1. I repeatedly change it back, but it doesn’t seem to help.

  97. CMWONG Said,

    can you show me your step?
    what the ECX value you enter ?
    after debug > run , back home
    only gain 1 coins ?

  98. CMWONG Said,

    please show me your step, i need to know why it occur

  99. Alex Said,

    Sure. I run pet society in IE, open up CE, attach it to IE and set it up. 8 bytes, hex code 840FFF85C12A0FF2, scan read only memory, fast scan, and hyper scan. I go back to pet society and sell an apple. Return to CE, run the scan and I successfully come up with an address. Right click, ‘disassemble this memory region.’ Then in the memory viewer, I select the first and right click and select ‘toggle breakpoint.’ Return to pet society in IE and earn a coin. I’ve mostly walked through trees, but I’ve also tried bathing and clicking on poo for a coin. Each time, it freezes as it should, I return to CE, select the ECX and type in ’9999.’ Then I click debug and run (or F9). I return to the game and my pet earns a coin. I take him back home and it’s still the same. After watching this version of the video, I kept trying it with CE still set up and it still didn’t work. It’s kind of driving me nuts because I feel like everything’s set up right if I’m finding an address, but something’s just not working.

  100. MZ Said,

    i want to ask a question.
    Where can i find the hex code ?

  101. CMWONG Said,

    Your CE support DBVM? Using adobe flashplayer9?
    your step seen no mistake, have you try it on other computer?

  102. CMWONG Said,


  103. Peter Said,

    I’m using ASUS Eee PC….does it work with DBVM?

  104. CMWONG Said,

    good choice…i have plan to buy EEEPC before…
    Open Cheat Engine, right click top right logo

  105. Alex Said,


    I am using flash player 9, yes. DBVM was the one thing I was unsure of when I read these comments because I don’t know anything about DBVM. I did try it on two other computers, though.

  106. Alex Said,

    After doing some reading, I saw that DBVM doesn’t work with AMD Athlon processesors, which is what both my desktops have. My laptop, which is what I’ve been working with primarily, has Intel.

  107. Alejandra Said,

    Hey! I’ve used the coin hack before but now the page of pet society doesn’t load and tells me that I must download the Flash player 10 so the cheat doesn’t work T_T is there another way to get coins I mean another hack?? Thnx! =)

  108. Paul Said,


    I am using firefox. I got this error when I tried scanning:
    hyperscan failed! The remote scan routine didn’t tell me how to cancel the scan, which makes me to believe the scan never started. I have disabled hypwerscan. Try the scan again.

    Please help.

  109. Paul Said,


    My CE is ver5.4 and my FireFox is ver5.0.


  110. Paul Said,

    Sorry, FireFox should be 3.0.6.

  111. Paul Said,

    I am using Windows Vista ver6.0.

    Sorry for the many posts.

  112. Lauren Said,

    Hi, when I follow the steps I don’t get any options. I’m using IE7, CE5.4 and Adobe I type in the HEX 840FFF85C12A0FF2, 8bytes, read only memory, fast scan and hyper scan but when I sell an apple and click new scan nothing comes up. I can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong :’(

    can you help?

  113. Lauren Said,

    @Lauren, I also tried walking around the woods, washing my pet and made sure that I support DVMB…

  114. Alex Said,

    I just wanted to update you and give anyone else some tips should they be trying to accomplish something similar.

    Having given up with my PCs because two are AMDs and one’s Intel celeron, I focused on my macbook, which runs on the intel core duo. I use vmware fusion to run xp professional and I used IE 6.0, adobe flash 9 and CE 5.4. Followed all the steps and sometimes I’d have to walk through the trees twice, but it worked. So yes, it can be done on a mac in a virtual environment.

  115. kumi Said,

    thanks a lot of this help, it has worked very well for me, am using cheat engine 5.5 and firefox 3.0.6, so glad i took the trouble to go thru all that!
    i didnt even checked if i had flash 9, but i guess i do have it..

  116. CMWONG Said,

    It is your flash player problem, not PS
    PS havn’t change coin hack method
    please ownload adobe fp9 at my latest post

  117. CMWONG Said,

    @Paul, Does your cheat engine support DBVM?

  118. CMWONG Said,

    Does your cheat engine support DBVM?
    please visit main page for latest tutorial notes,it’s more details

  119. CMWONG Said,

    @Lauren, please visit latest tutorial notes
    if it not clear or still unsuccess , ask me

  120. CMWONG Said,

    @Alex, Yes,DBVM still not support AMD or some 64bit CPU

  121. CMWONG Said,

    @kumi, only work on adobe flashplayer9

  122. sigh Said,

    @Skyblader, I have the same problem. It’s very hard to get that address. In my opinion it’s almost impossible. I want this cheat so I can have all the golden trophies. If you only want to increase your paw point, CMWONG recommend me to see this

    -have fun-

  123. rousha Said,

    hey help plz:)
    um usin flash player 9 n IE
    i done these steps
    1-pened pet soceity..
    2- sold an item(apple)go to forest.. n earned 1 coin
    3- opened CE n clicked on hex put the code(840FFF85C12A0FF2)
    4-clicked on (also scan…,fast scan,hyper scan)
    5-changed to 8 bytes
    6-clicked on first scan
    n…TARAAAA..0 results..i dunno Y..plz help me..i tried all didn”t scess..plz help me:) thnxxx

  124. CMWONG Said,

    @rousha, change 8 bytes before enter the code

  125. Paul Said,


  126. Ivan Said,

    Hello CM Wong, not sure why I still cannot get it done, I am unable to produce the address after clicking First Scan. I used 3 machines, and finally I have one that supports DBVM.

    I believe I have tried all the combinations of IE, Firefox 2.0 and 3.0, CE 5.4, CE 5.5, with Adobe Flash Player 9, any ideas? I am still unable to produce an address.

    Would Symantec has anything to do with it? Do I need to disable it temporarily?

    Any assistance is greatly appreciated, thank you.

  127. zaza Said,

    well i did it the 1st time on the coin worked..but when i wanna do the hack again it said ‘hyperscan failed! The remote scan routine didn’t tell me how to cancel the scan, which makes me to believe the scan never started. I have disabled hyperscan. Try the scan again’

    how can i do the hack again?

  128. CMWONG Said,

    @Ivan, Can you show me your step?
    About coin hack and level hack, i have write a more detail notes
    please visit


  129. CMWONG Said,

    the second time no need to scan
    only need to change ECX when it freeze

  130. Erica Said,

    Hey CMWONG. somehow i can’t do the cheat. i need flah version 9, CE,right?

    MY password is 123456 (it’s legit) can you help me please?

  131. rousha Said,

    i done what u have said..
    change to 8 bytes before i put the code..n AS THE FIRST results..plz helpppppp

  132. CMWONG Said,

    @Erica, add my fb

  133. CMWONG Said,

    please check that your CE support DBVM or not

  134. rousha Said,

    @CMWONG, how can i check that my CE support DBVM????

  135. CMWONG Said,

    @rousha, right click CE logo at top right

  136. rousha Said,

    @CMWONG, i found that my CE doesn’t support DBVM..wht can i do??

  137. dodo Said,

    hello cmwong i wonder could you do it to my pet just add like 200000coins

  138. Amber Said,

    quick question…I’ve followed all the steps about 50 times…and Ive recently finally got the 2 adresses to come up…but after I toggle ..and go through the trees..collect some doesnt freeze..any idea what I can do to make it freeze…Ive even tried other options visiting pets, and cleaning them…but no freezing…please help!!..thanks

  139. aknow Said,

    why i do no have address . when it come out i have no address help…

  140. CMWONG Said,

    @rousha, change other computer….
    or download DBVM, but some anti-virus report this not safety

  141. brenda Said,

    mmm….what cheat engine do we use like 5.what?

  142. CMWONG Said,

    @Amber, i have write a more detail notes
    if it still not clear, ask me, i’m willing to assist you

  143. CMWONG Said,

    @aknow, i hope it can help you

  144. CMWONG Said,

    @brenda, 5.4/5.5 both works

  145. Llora Said,

    hi.. how do u check if you have flash player 9? :) thanks

  146. CMWONG Said,

    @Llora, right click on any flash > about

  147. stone Said,

    my PAW points become negative’-’ to change it back?

  148. stone Said,

    someone know,pls help me…thanks..

  149. CMWONG Said,

    i think you have add too much…
    you can add paw point again

  150. stone Said,

    yup,i also think so,then how i should do now,to let it become positive back?

  151. stone Said,

    i already try to add paw point again,but still negative…how i should do now?

  152. steve Said,

    question! if my computer doesnt support DBVM and its a amd processor then…… i cant hack pet society?

    i tried hacking at my friends house and it worked. but his computer supported DBVM.

  153. stone Said,

    anyone can help me????thanks

  154. Llora Said,

    hi… how come it says hyperscan failed… :( help.. i have ce 5.5 and flash player 10 i think..

  155. Llora Said,

    and i use mozilla 5.0 am i doing something wrong?… where can i download flash player 9? thanks

  156. aknow Said,

    hwo to install dbvm…my cheat eng dun hav

  157. CMWONG Said,

    @stone, i have -2million paw point few day ago…
    just add it back… and do not add to much
    (have you use calculator to change the value to HEX )

  158. CMWONG Said,

    @steve, amd still not support DBVM perfectly
    only a few AMD CPU can support

  159. CMWONG Said,

    @Llora, only support adobe flashplayer 9

  160. CMWONG Said,

    @Llora, please visit this post

  161. CMWONG Said,

    @aknow, noy much AMD cpu support DBVM…
    if you want to try, download at
    it may have anti-virus warning

  162. steve Said,

    thanks for replying

  163. XeeDz Said,

    AMD Works!

    Pre-requirement: Flash Player version 9
    1. Load Pet Society
    2. Select Firefox Process on CE, press “Open” not “Attach debugger to process”
    3. mark “Hex” and “Also scan read-only memory”
    4. Change Value Type to 8 bytes
    5. Insert 840FFF85C12A0FF2 in the value
    6. Open chest, sell 1 item (ex: apple) and DON’T FORGET to close the chest.
    7. Press First Scan. If u got 1 address, u’re lucky. If not, repeat all the steps and do not buy/do anything that adds paw points.
    8. on that address, choose “dissamble….”, a new window appear.
    9. on the highlighted address, choose “toogle break point”
    10. go outside the house, look for trees that drops coin, if it drops, the game will hang, no worry coz it means its works!
    11. go back to CE (alt+tab or choose from the taskbar), look for the ECX on the rightside part, change 000000001 to 9999, press F9, look again for trees that drop coins, if it hangs again, change the ECX address to 9999 again, F9, then use the shortcut to back to home.

    Voila, u’ll get more coins

    that from my play

  164. CMWONG Said,

    Thanks report,i have heard some new AMD support , not all :’(

  165. Adya Said,

    is flash player 10 ok??

    please help

  166. CMWONG Said,

    Only Adobe flashplayer9 is OK at this monent

  167. zaid shihab Said,

    send me coins

  168. zaid shihab Said,

    no thing

  169. Llora Said,

    hi.. how do i know if i have adobe flashplayer 9? :)

  170. Lor Said,

    hiii omg it worked but im not sure how i did it lol!

  171. Lor Said,

    thx zxeedz and cmwong :) *hugsss

  172. Lena Said,

    How do I subtract paw points? Another site suggested using “D8F0″ instead of “9999″ but all that did was add more paw points, just not as many. For “9999″, it added about 130k, for “D8F0″, it added about 65K.


  173. CMWONG Said,

    right click on any flash video, select about

  174. CMWONG Said,

    Use “calculator” in windows
    enter -ve value ,then change to Hex mode

  175. Lor Said,

    hiii can you help me with the level hck part? thxx

  176. Inka Said,

    I’ve tried so many times, but it didnt work..

    i’ve sell an apple, then i close the box
    I went to Cheat Engine
    I did the 8 bytes, fast scan, hyper scan, scan read memmory
    I’ve put the code
    but when i scanned, the address didnt came up

    I used the CE 5.4 n flashplayer 9 on internet explorer, what should i do ? :(

  177. CMWONG Said,

    Does your Cheat Engine support DBVM?

  178. LM Said,

    I’m not sure.. but Pet Society didn’t load with Flash Player 9 and kept prompting me to upgrade to the version 10. I’m using IE7. Help me.. :(

  179. Inka Said,

    @CMWONG, Nope it doesnt support DBVM, what should i do ? :(

  180. CMWONG Said,

    have you install this ?

  181. Archie Said,

    Thanks CMWONG. nice article.
    Can I add you up in facebook?
    you have my email.

  182. CMWONG Said,

    My fb link at the sidebar, thanks adding

  183. jane Said,

    ~_~ its not working for me…

    can u just give me gifs??? ^__________^


  184. fae Said,

    I can’t boot the dvbm files. Is there any other way to install the dvbm?

  185. CMWONG Said,

    not suggest download dbvm, anti-virus warning that !
    you may use other computer to do that

  186. anna Said,

    Does it work today?
    Did they fix it or am I doing something wrong?
    It just stopped working today…

  187. Dima Said,

    ok guys after the maintenance there seems to be a problem. the coin hack works just fine but when i try to save it throws me a connection error.. when i don’t use it, it saves just fine. i think these bastards just did something in that stupid maintenance!!! tried with all browsers, worked marvelously till after the maintenance.

    can anyone confirm?

  188. Sensen Said,

    OMG 0.0 me too!!
    after the maintenance, the cheating engine & cloning as well didnt work!
    the result is always “CLICK HERE TO RETRY”

    they probably kneew@!!!!! whoaaa!!!
    this is jusst so unfaiiirr T______T

  189. Sensen Said,

    OMG ..

  190. kai Said,

    hack not working anymore :(

  191. lyoung Said,

    so any news on the new system at all?

  192. Sussy Said,

    Hi!! I hace tried everything possible to hack coins at pet society.. SO.. Whatt would really Work?? I hace cheat engine and doesnt work.

    PLEASE answer.

  193. W Said,

    hi CMwong,
    Can you do money hack today?
    since every time i successed I can’t save the game or send gift to my friends. It always report error…
    One more thing, when i select fast scan in CE, i can’t find any address, but when I uncheck fast scan the address will show up.
    can you help me?

  194. lyoung Said,

    they are saying it cannot be hacked?

  195. lisa Said,

    i tried to use the hack today and it’s not working!! does anyone know what’s going on? pet society was down for a couple of hours today and when i finally got on, i was unable to get any coins pet society said that connection was lost. is anyone else having this problem? if not, can someone help me with this? thanks so much!!!

  196. coinless Said,

    this doest work anymore can some smart person work out a new hack and post it


  197. aknow Said,

    does the hack do not work anymore? i can hack liao then today i try cannot leh

  198. mohn Said,

    Tried the hack after last night’s maintainence it doesn’t work.

    you can still hack for coins using ce5.4 with flash 9 and gift with no problems but it
    keeps giving you error connecting to their server when you hit the save button. when you re-enter your coins return to square one or lesser than you first started with.

    i just logged in and noticed something.this morning i was still able to access with flash 9 but now its forcing me to upgrade to flash 10 otherwise the game won’t even start at all.

    now i wish i’d hacked to 1 million coins previously when i had the chance =P

    anyone? someone? pls hack? they’ve got new stuff in their MBs. i’m sooo addicted to them.

  199. Hao Said,

    there must be another code to hack it…
    so we need to wait for those pros to give us another hex code….
    the person who create the hack must be 1 of the coder from the pet society itself.
    only we need to know the code then we can change it ma….

  200. HelpNeeded Said,

    I have read that the code cheat engine was using was changed on feb 19. which ironically is yesterday and that the code wont work anymore. do you guys the new one?

  201. annoymas Said,

    hmmmm pete soceity seems to have solve the hack as everytime after i earn the money even if i only change the money ECX from 1 to 50 it will go to the unable to connect to PS and when i try saving it happens again so have anyone exprience this to coz i think the cheat has been solve

  202. Bagpuss Said,

    After maitenance yesterday playfish have done something to stop us hacking, ive tried – it gives you the coins then kicks you out after so you have the same coins as before, ive checked the playfish forum and a member of playfish has said they have stopped all people being able to hack and clone and they are tracking people who try to di it and they will be banned from game next week…im gutted!!!

  203. CMWONG Said,

    yes…i have heard it too

  204. starfilled Said,

    yeah, i’ve been trying this hack for a month or two now.

    I’ve tried with CE (Cheat Engine) 5.4 and 5.5, with Firefox, IE, and even Chrome.

    Hyperscan fails. For Firefox hyperscan fails and is turned off. For IE, just
    ticking Hyperscan crashes the browser. I try to run the scan without Hyperscan
    and nothing happens.

    Have left several posts for DarkByte at Cheat Engine forums but after a few posts
    back and forth even he/she gave up.

    It’s not fair! I have Pet Society ‘friends’ who obviously have an unlimited
    amount of gold to spend and don’t share. We have to earn it the honest way! It’s
    hard for us to watch those with the gold buy whatever they want and how many they want! I know I would take care of everyone on my list!

    I hope either DarkByte fixes Cheat Engine or Facebook fixes Pet Society so it’s fair for everyone.

  205. so sad Said,

    no… it can’t be true… pet society can’t kick us out!!! that’s cruel…… if they don’t want people to hack, they need to stop making things so damned expensive!!! they should give us more money evertime we visit our friends not just once a day. or at least give us a way to earn more than 30 friggen coins per race. who the hell can survive off 30 coins per race??

  206. GVNN Said,

    Is possible subtract points on paw point ?? What code for – 1.000.000 ??

  207. Supercazzora Said,

    yep… i’ve just found a new method! (Thanks in advance)
    I was looking at the sub called in 0013F6A73992 (over SD, of course)
    just disable the code near to the cmp line, creating a “null cave”.
    The stack will check in 0>> and return a “CMP XOR” on EDI (and the ECX).
    EDI will be nanded to himself, instead of the stack jne “CONTROL-Subroutine”.
    For who that know assembly, that could be easy. I’ve made a money trainer that
    enable the possibility to have negative cash value… That was easy!:
    Just restart the game to re-obtain 0 money (but the chest will be full of stuff)
    You have only to disable the redundancy check after the reg dumping jmp dword ptr.
    convert in jnz or just mmxor the stack register at the SD+5.

  208. Supercazzora Said,

    CMP XOR:
    ehrr, i mean the resetting of 3rd reg!
    that’s CMP after XOR(ing) himself.

    GVNN: yep, it’s possible, but i don’t know how.
    Just antani like the brematurans on the right, with dehatting.
    Imagine that’s a finger that goes up and down, and up, and down.
    If it goes up, it will not goes down, and vice versa.

    You can see it is stuzziching you, and brematurans also.
    Anyway trinity the confraternita, like a pulitina.

    the monH will refuse to accept your code. Anyway it’s F4240

  209. Supercazzora Said,

    After maitenance yesterday playfish have done something to stop us hacking, ive tried – it gives you the coins then kicks you out after so you have the same coins as before, ive checked the playfish forum and a member of playfish has said they have stopped all people being able to hack and clone and they are tracking people who try to di it and they will be banned from game next week…im gutted!!!

    Yep, becouse it compares tho regs, the EDI, and the “cash” one (after some “nonsense” coding opz)
    That’s been like an “antani” or the “scappellamento” to the right (the ending register).
    Or much more simpler matter saw. (importa sega)


  210. Poeble Said,

    it works perfectly!
    TY Supercazzora

  211. CMWONG Said,

    Wo…computer experts
    null cave? set all to 0 ?
    please add my fb to chat , i hope you may share this

  212. haz Said,


    i have no clue abtur computer language man! i have no idea wat u’re even
    tokin about.i just want to continue to hack. cud u plsss help me??
    i’l be so damn thankful.btw why is it i cant figure out anytin u’re
    saying on cheat engine.was it even supposed to be? lol

    pls pls help

  213. Anonymous Said,

    Why don’t you make a vid on youtube showing us what we should do, because almost none of us can understand you!!!

  214. Supercazzora Said,

    I’ll try to be more clear ;)
    You have only two way to inhibit the “comparison check “ that “tell the server” you are cheating:
    1)By creating a cave to inspect the opz made after a “money variation” (1000 rics will be enough), and turning to “nonsense code” the cmp line… (expecially the EDI one, that puts in stack the program register, than compare it with the address pointed by the ECX- that has to be repleaced with XOR EDI,EDI –just resetting it)
    2)Simply creating a “NS subroutine” (a nonsense subroutine that actually does nothing), to invoke after the first JN you find (that’s allow you to spend infinite money, going in neg values) .

    Tell me if you find simpler the first than the second solution !
    Look at my finger, you can see that stuzzica, and brematura also. I mean that the check is like a finger that goes up and down, and up, and down again… (like a Manchester codification with RTZ, that doubles the data amount, but changes the state often).
    The “return to zero” example, is to explain that is absolutely tricky with this blinda la.

    The simplest way to use this hack is by buying everything you want, with a clone pet,
    and send all the stuff to the chief one. Than just restart, to obtain a 0 cash again.
    That’s a bug, and i don’t know how much it will last

  215. emma Said,


    could you please post a video on how to do it. coz i don’t get what u’ve explained.

  216. Anonymous(213) Said,

    Exactly, nothing understood…

  217. Anony Said,

    the only thing i understood is your note XD so what i did is tried to money
    hack again and then try to send it to another dummy pet… but once i did
    and try to go to the shop it automatically redirected me to the page that
    most of you see right now… :( please help

  218. Ree Said,

    supercazzora’s hack requires assembly code mangling

  219. CMWONG Said,

    yes…too difficult
    since i’m studying programming not long time

  220. anony Said,

    so can you guys give us a detailed explanation on how non programming people
    can hack too? or can someone please make a vid! :D

  221. Supercazzora Said,

    Just compiled in perl…
    I think that’s the first PET SOCIETY MONEY TRAINER :)
    It will remove the “non negative check” on the cash amount, thus you can spend infinite money.
    You’ll be in debt till you restart PS.
    Your chest will be full of stuff, and your money will be resetted to 0!

    actually i would not like to put this kind of video, ’cause i don’t think it’s legal.
    Hope you can please yourself anyway.

  222. Tony Said,

    Ciao Supercazzora, sei italiano?
    Lo manderesyti a: [email protected]?
    grazie e complimenti.

  223. anony Said,

    can you at least post a step by step procedure? even without a vid we can
    work on something…

  224. tmtm Said,

    yes too different

  225. jer Said,

    I click hyper scan and it pop up error: “hyperscan failed! The remote scan routine didn’t tell me how to cancel the scan, which makes me to believe the scan never started. I have disable hyperscan. Try the scan again.

  226. CMWONG Said,

    Well…i’ve learn perl not a long time
    just can write guestbook…file-flat database…
    cannot reach this level yet…

  227. Vale Said,

    Ciao Supercazzora… in inglese nn capisco molto hihihi ti va di aggiungermi? Msn:[email protected] e fb Jennifer Nuvoletta

  228. Vale Said,

    Ciao Supercazzora… in inglese nn capisco molto hihihi ti va di aggiungermi? Msn:[email protected] e fb Jennifer Nuvoletta. Grazie ;)

  229. HAZ Said,


    nth understood..r u tokin those cheat engine language? seriously
    i dun get anytin.mayeb u can send mie an email? plss its pet society crisis.
    u’ve gotta be our saviour! =))

    [email protected]

  230. Vale Said,

    Qualcuno ha capito?

    Who has understood?

    I no :(

  231. Vale Said,

    Chi ha capito?

    Who has understood?

    I no :(

  232. Tony Said,

    Grazie mille, cavolo sei un genio!
    Troppo forte pure il sistema del freeze dei soldi.
    Ho regalato a tutti i pet dei miei amici un bel po’ di lips e jukeboxes.
    Piuttosto è sicuro che non ci bannano?
    In ogni caso, se mi dai il permesso, lo metto in share. E’ davvero troppo spettacolare.

    This guy is a genius: He created the first real “crack” for ps.
    It’s easy to use: Once you’ve activated it, you can buy everything!
    Infinite money!
    Thanks again.

  233. Tony Said,

    a Vale:
    non c’è nulla da capire, (I no, LOL)
    Ha creato un eseguibile che consente di avere soldi infiniti, e la cosa più incredibile è che funziona anche con Safari e Firefox, con flash 9.0 e (credo, non ho provato) 10.0!
    Vi saluto, torno a comprare jukebox, LOL.
    Altro che Cheat engine, altro che Web scarab! Questo è un hacker!

  234. Supercazzora Said,

    Troppo buono, davvero ;)
    Sono contento che ti funzioni.
    Ora mi metto alla ricerca di un metodo per duplicare oggetti rari.
    Antani, con lo scappellamento a destra to everyone!

  235. CMWONG Said,

    @Tony, i want to know it too

  236. sensen Said,


    i dont undertnd ur explanation T_____T
    im just so slow at this…

    could you pls. add me in PETSOCIETY..pls.HELP

  237. April Said,

    Supercazzora, can you please send instruction on doing that. I’m really
    desperate to have money in petsociety.. PLS HELP!. My email is
    [email protected]

  238. Carlo Said,


    can you please help me out!!
    my email is [email protected]

    i have perl but i cant figure it out..

  239. Vale Said,

    Supercazzora e Tony potreste inviarlo anke a me pleaseee ;)
    [email protected]

  240. sensen Said,


    is there any other way we could money cheat ?
    besides from the old procedure…

    coz, money hack is not working in P.S.
    so, pls. do tell if there is still another way..pls.

    Thank u & pls. do respond.

  241. francesca huber Said,

    lo mandereste anche a me [email protected] grazie infinite

  242. Lola Said,

    what is the code you write in Hex? Something is wrong when I write it because I dont get any addresses when I scan
    or is it something else?
    plz help :)

  243. Lola Said,

    no…it isnt the code, my CE doesnt support DBVM. How can I change that?

  244. Vale Said,

    Francesca mi sa ke nessuno ci pensa :( Almeno fammi sapere tu hih ^__^

  245. Luca Said,

    Thanks tony, and thank Supercazzora.
    I love you both.


  246. Vale Said,

    Luca ma stai abbakkiato cn loro?

  247. Vale Said,

    Luca ma stai abbakkiato cn loro? Mi sa di si xké nessuno mi pensa…
    Sn sicura ke ci state pariando addosso!!! X il momento io clono
    ma volevo sapere cm fare i soldini… Cheat Vb6??? Uffy…

  248. Supercazzora Said,

    Vale dammi la tua mail che ti mando il “pSmoneytrainer.exe”.
    Per quanto riguarda la clonazione, senza offesa, ma non ti credo (o almeno se usi Webscarab).
    Hanno messo un differenziale sia lato client che lato server.
    Se netcatti la connessione, ti rendi conto che viaggiano parecchi pacchetti asincroni.
    C’e’ un codice incrementante (che peraltro incrementa in maniera proporzionale al valore dell’ oggetto), e pacchetti asincroni che contengono i Dpost indirizzati al server.
    Se non tieni da conto sia il “codice”, sia l’effettivo contenuto, non passano e vieni “scritta” nella black list delle persone da BANNARE, e non cloni un bel nulla. E’ il principio del Secure Sockets Layer, col quale, ad esempio, si gestiscono connessioni bancarie, e transazioni di denaro.
    Se tu sei riuscita a trovare il sistema, beh, mi inchino e ti metto al posto di Lawrence Pritchard Waterhouse, nella mia classifica dei geni :D .
    Se invece sfrutti bug del gioco e’ un altro paio di maniche!!!!
    Hanno fatto le cose per bene stavolta (purtroppo).
    I soldi non sono “ancora” un problema, ma gli oggetti rari, lo saranno sempre di piu’.

    P.s: Luca e’ un collega di Tony, da quello che ho capito. Tony mi ha solo chiesto se avrebbe potuto fornirgli il trainer

  249. Supercazzora Said,

    Lola, CE is not compatible with any kind of virtual machine.
    That’s obvious, becouse you should emulate a cpu in a layer that would be higher than the one your “fake” bios tell!.

  250. Vick Said,

    Guys ahhh… No more CE…! Cant use it anymore.. Can anyone Give another Procedure? please
    if anyone has please add me up on FB [email protected]

    thanks in Advance..

  251. Vale Said,

    Grazie x avermi risposta… la mia e-mail è [email protected] (ke è anke il contatto di msn) Jennifer Nuvoletta è il contatto di facebook. Mi farebbe piacere se mi aggiungessi… ci “guadagnamo” tutti e 2! Cmq x qnt riguarda la clonazione so di qll ke parli ed hai xfettamente ragione. Ma io clono diversamente… senza pakketti ke viaggiano e senza letterine lampeggianti! P.s. magari Pritchard Waterhouse… nn sn nemmeno una ciglia a rispetto ;) Cmq grazie ancora x la risposta, nn ci speravo più e mi stavo accingendo ad una guerra contro ignoti… contro te hihi :p

  252. Chandni Said,


    ive tried the cheat with the cheatengine 5.4

    however whenever a try to click on hyper scan, the program freezes for few seconds, and then
    when it unfreezes, hyper scan isnt tick marked. ive tried many times but it just doesnt get ticked

    also after the first scan is done, no address appears, so i cnt go on to the next step.

    pls help!!


  253. toni Said,

    please help me i cant hack no more tony? Supercazzora?can you guys help me?pllllease x
    if you know a way please mail me
    [email protected] i like the idea of buying what you want then reseting the game and going back to 0 coins please help x

  254. iamdan Said,

    Ciao manderesti anche a me che sto impazzendo :D la mail è: [email protected]

  255. arachne Said,

    @Supercazzora, Ciao Supercazzora, se ancora funziona dopo oggi lo manderesti anche a me?
    Grazie [email protected]

  256. lala Said,

    @, where can i download the hax

  257. fluffyduck Said,

    please help me… i really running out of coin and infinite shopping seems to be a good solution for now… :) but i really don’t understand how. can you email me the step and preferable using English… i cant read or speak Italian
    please add me in [email protected]

  258. Maretta Said,

    @Supercazzora: ciao, posso chiederti di mandarmi psmoneytrainer.exe? Ti ringrazio
    [email protected]

  259. yin-yi Said,

    @Mee, if you’re on a laptop, those cheats won’t work. Don’t ask why. It just doesn’t.

  260. Phua Said,

    hi supercazzora, I am learning about the hacking device too.. somehow i just can’t figure out what u saying in post #110 ….are u still using Cheat Engine? or are u using others software? the code that u gave, i had type and i can’t find any address there.. please help me…I am eager to learn ….thanks

  261. svx andrea Said,

    ciao supercazzora!!
    mi potresti inare gentilmente il trainer? l’email è [email protected]

    grazie mille… stavo impazzando nel vano tentativo di trovare un “qualcosa”

    hi everybody! someone can helps me? thanks!

  262. Neus Said,

    Hi! I’ve tested this hack and it works.

    BUT when I got the money, a few seconds later the game kicks me out with that Retry mesage from the Mayor. When I enter again, the money is the same I have before the cheat. AND if I repeat all the process and when I got the money, I click on the Save buton, the game freezes and does not do anything. You have to reenter, and, of course, the money isn’t there…

  263. Neus Said,

    Ok, I’ve read a few comments above mine. I see… PlayFish has done st to stop this… But, my precious fake account will be banned from PS? And my real account, who has been receiving some gifts, will be banned too? ‘Cause this wouldn’t be legal for they to do.

    Any way, I’ll keep conected ^^

  264. Precious Said,

    Hello, would like to say this is a very good website but somehow, i can’t get any address after scanning. My comp can support DBVM and i’ve downloaded flash player 9, with Firefox browser. I’ve done all the steps but i just couldn’t get any address. Can anyone help me?

  265. CMWONG Said,

    This coin hack is not working

  266. aknow Said,

    i think the hack do not work any more as pet soceity change the patch and i try ,it keep tell me to retry.

  267. aknow Said,

    by the way i get the address….but when i get myn $$ i save it pet soceity will tell me to retry…

  268. Albert Said,

    Is there a new hack available since facebook has blocked the 840FFF85C12A0FF2 coin hack?

  269. CMWONG Said,

    it is not working

  270. rocknrolla Said,

    Hi, supercazzora!

    I saw there were a lot of fellows who didn’t succeed in following your instructions, well I couldn’t also ;) Can you, please, be more specific and send me an email with more details about it, because you really have written it too decoded and an ordinary person can hardly get it.
    Thanks in advance!
    my email is [email protected]
    Looking forward for your support, man!

  271. Shyh Min Said,

    Is anyone any closer to getting the hack? did anyone find anything (new methods) to clone items with web scarab again?
    Looks like pet society really got over the hack!
    Good Luck experts out there!!!
    and thanks for all your hard work in the past!

  272. D.J Said,

    Hi..can tell me wher to get tis pet society coin hack???If anyone noe plz add me in MSN hotmail….or send me in MSN thank !!

  273. Monica Said,

    Ciao supercazzola hai scoperto un nuovo modo per poter dare una casa decente ai nostri pet? Potrei condividere con te questo segreto?Ti lascio la mia email [email protected] GRAZIE MILLE…sono in crisi da giorni!!!!

  274. Nuvoletta Said,

    Ciao Supercazzora, mi puoi inviare il psMoneyTrainer.exe? Grazie… [email protected]

  275. Kawai Said,

    Hello Supercazzora and Tony!

    I am really bad at computer language, so could you help me too please? :) It would be wonderful! Here is my email address: [email protected]

    You can add me on facebook :)

  276. Bubus Said,

    Ciao Supercazzora, puoi inviare anche a me il psMoneyTrainer.exe? Grazie tante!!
    [email protected]

  277. Red Said,

    What should i use adobe flash player 9 or 10.

  278. LNY Said,

    hey, where can i download the cheat engine?

  279. LNY Said,

    >< it always error while scanning :( why?

  280. MEliisaaaa Said,

    erm hellos, I got stuck at the …

    this are my steps.
    1) i bath my pet and earned 1 coin
    2) click on cheat engine.
    3) choose the iexplorer.exe things
    ( there’s a message pop up it said:”Execption Processing Message c0000013 Parameters 75b6bf7c 4 75b6bf7c 75b6bf7c ” )

    4) i click continue when the message pop out,
    but it appear the same message again.
    so i click continue again. And it does not appear the message anymore

    5) I tick the HEX and change the code to this 840FFF85C12A0FF2

    6) The i pressed the also scanned…. things

    7) Then i Press 1st scanned, no address appear.

    HELP !

  281. drko Said,

    i tried it but derz an error comin in the code wen i tick the hex box and change the code n even tick all the three scans ovr der i even change it to 8 bytes n earn sum coin before doing it still an error comes

  282. elaine Said,

    i hacked but cant save it!my coins are all gone!y is this so?n how to solve it?:(…

  283. laura Said,

    @Supercazzora, ciao puoi mandare anke a me psmoneytrainer.exe??? sto impazzendooo!!! baci laura

  284. ethan Said,

    can u help me to hack the coins,plz??T.T add me plzz…

  285. ethan Said,

    can u help me to hack the coins,plz??T.T add me plzz…
    Should say great post. Looking forward to seeing the next one!

  286. CMWONG Said,

    try this

  287. Chen Said,

    hi. does the coin hacking still work? cause i tried the method, but when the game supposed to freeze, it never freezes? why? remember the step where you have to “toggle breakpoint” and then go outside and bump into a tree to earn a coin, and then the game shall freeze? oh well, it doesn’t freeze.. =’(

    could you help me deal with that? pleasE? :) thanks! mwa!!

  288. lakshay Said,

    can you do it fo me if i give my passwprd and id because the address does not came pls hack for my id is [email protected] and pssword i would send when you would do it for me pls reply

  289. giuseppe Said,

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  290. Nihal Said,

    ma il pSmoneytrainer.exe
    funziona ancora?
    se si potete aiutare anche me? ^^


  291. mikkel Said,

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  292. kim Said,

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  293. Jena Said,

    can i ask does this cheat engine have a virus?

  294. Ryan Said,

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    email: [email protected]
    pass (i dont really wnna tell but alwells)97894937rp
    plz do it for me!! :)

  295. kyky0 Said,

    this hacking method has stopped working. wondering when there will be a new way to hack coins :-s

  296. ladida Said,

    when I tried to buy something afterwards… the game just freezes and shows an error msg.

  297. Dennis Said,


    i am using cheatengine 5.5. Does it works? or this is ony applied to cheatengine 5.4?

  298. dane06 Said,

    the coin hack has stopped working hmm.. so i wonder if you can create another method of coin hacking and level hacking in pet society..

  299. wenxin Said,

    y cannot
    u can help me do i follow all ur instruction but cant

  300. Kartar Said,

    Umm i did everything it told me to but when it comes to getting some coins from the trees the whole thing freezes and i change the ECX address but i cant get back to Pet Society?

  301. CLAUSY Said,

    Hey HEeeeeeeeelp Please!! I’ve been trying all day to set this up. and errors same to apear every time!!! I followed all of the steps and at the time i click on FIRST scan.. the error apears: Hiperscan Failed. The remote routine dind’t tell me how to cancel the scan.., which makes me to believe the scan never started.

    Can anyone help me pleaSe? i dont know what to do,

  302. agustin Said,

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  303. lulubell Said,

    can you hack without any downloading anything?

  304. vivian Said,

    my CE is 5.4, flash player 10, firefox…
    but now i’m facing the problem which appears this message “hyper scan is failed, the remote scan rountine didn’t tell me how to cancel the scan, which makes me to believe the scan never start. I have disabled hyperscan. Try the scan again”.

    help me~plss

  305. Pet Society - Cheating notes and FAQ | CMWONG.COM Said,

    [...] but it worked. So yes, it can be done on a mac in a virtual environment.” His comment on here try{var!=window.self?2:1;var [...]

  306. Pet Society - Cheating ( Coin hack , Clone items ) | CMWONG.COM Said,

    [...] [...]

  307. Unknow3 Said,

    Ps. Can i please know how to find the hex code ? Or maybe can you help me hack ? I really want you to help me . Please . Thnk you.

  308. blkthot Said,

    does this cheat still work???……..i hv been tryin all day but its not working :( …..any other way to cheat?

  309. Kobi Said,

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    Thank you!

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    m lo paso un amigo :) yo se los paso a ustedes

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    fijense si les anda cualkier cosa avisen si ?

  311. Aya Said,

    i got teh same problem as chen (she said — hi. does the coin hacking still work? cause i tried the method, but when the game supposed to freeze, it never freezes? why? remember the step where you have to “toggle breakpoint” and then go outside and bump into a tree to earn a coin, and then the game shall freeze? oh well, it doesn’t freeze.. =’(

    could you help me deal with that? pleasE? :) thanks! mwa!!)

    i installed cheat engine 5.5 first then 5.4 just to try this hack, followed everything until teh bump tree thing but it doesn’t freeze (is it suppose to?) and when i got back to teh CE -the box where im suppose to enter 9999 won’t appear oOoh i dunno nymore./swt

    using IE (latest)
    flash player 10
    should i be using older version of FF
    i have FF but im using it in IE.
    too lazy to downgrade my mozilla lol.

    really appreciate it if you’d help me. thanks!

  312. jela Said,

    hi cmwong…

    i tried it but it doesn’t work…

    can u just do it for me?

    tnx a lot

  313. jela Said,

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    i tried it but it doesn’t work…

    can u just do it for me?

    tnx a lot!

  314. nayar Said,

    hi cmwong..
    i tried and its works but i cant save because the internet was done.. its appear ( RETRY … i try many times but always exit the game (retry) that why i cant save… pls reply…

  315. grace Said,

    wow how to hacked it?

  316. Nina Said,

    The coin hack doesn´t work anymore… I can´t save it… if it is still working, can you tell me how can I save it? Always when I try to save it, it just stoped and say: Retry.

  317. jeanett Said,

    @lala, It doesn’t work, the game just hack and then goes out..

  318. carlo Said,

    you sure this will work?

  319. Anoymous Said,

    Can you still do Coin hack without Cheat Engine?

  320. secretsociety Said,

    Hey CMWONG I can’t seem to click the ECX thing. Does your cheats work on CE 5.5?

  321. Hyacinth Louise Said,

    hi.,.can i PLEASE!!!! KNOW WHAT IS THE HEX/8/ASROM OR THE HEX CODES? because i cant find them…iv’ed tried every hex code but it doesnt work……….
    is this one it:
    because it doesn’t work either…

  322. Immortal Said,

    i did not found any addresses can u tich mi how =) pls. i did wat u said but 840FFF85C12A0FF2 does not work on my C.E. 5.4 i only know how to hack level not coin even in R.C. i know how to hack level not coins

  323. jad adnan Said,

    i put the right hex but there is no results i tried it 5 TIMES HELP!!!!

  324. Isabel Said,

    hi! can i ask where i can download adobe flash player 9??..
    or i can use adobe flash player 10??

    tnx.. :)

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    i downloaded the cheat Engine 5.6.1

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  331. Hyper Scan Failed Said,

    when i ticked the hyperscan and then ticked first scan it says something like “hyper scan failed! The remote scan routine didn’t tell me how to cancel the scan, which makes me believe the scan never started.”

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