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Please use google translate it

Brief description:

Play ball and earn coin (can set how much coin per times)

Similar Method as before, find address, paste at Auto-Assemble then Execute

Video and Codegen:

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  1. Mike Said,

    first xD

  2. hoo Said,

    i cant get the code gen to load through the website dang!

  3. Xeno Said,

    i got it thx!

  4. Mina Said,

    Spanish? Piece of cake <3 So… I translated the whole thing but it was a bit messy so I took the liberty of altering the order of the info so I’d be more organised.


    You need:

    Cheat Engine
    “Flash 9.0 r124 (”
    Firefox or Flock – Internet Explorer crashes

    Here’s the “new” “Codegen v3″ for Pet society. This version allows you to choose the amount of coins you get as long as it’s LESS than 30.000 coins per use. It works almost in the same way as the previous versions but there are a couple of things that are different.


    1. You have to find 2 Hex addresses instead of 1. In order to FIND the HEX we have to sell an apple or win a coin somehow and then hit the ball or frisbee.

    2.Go to and in the “PS codegen V3″ copy the first code 5D89000004E08A8B click on HEX 8 bytes – Also scan read only memory and make your first scan.

    3. When you get the address click right click it, choose “dissasemble this memory region” then Go to address, copy that address and paste it on the first blank space bellow the code you used on the “PS codegen V3″

    4. Now copy the second code B045110FF2AC5D89 and repeat the exact same procedure of step 3 except that you’ll paste the address you got on the second blank space.

    5. Where it says 1 coin = …. “Auto Assemble” paste the code there and click on the “Execute” button. You’ll get a small pop up windown saying “The code injection was sucessfull” accept it and that’s it. You can even close cheat engine after that.

    A tip!

    Once you get 30.000 send an apple to a friend or something… so that you don’t have to close the game and open it again, after you sent the apple you can do the trick again.


    Enjoy <3 buy some stuff so that you don’t get caught


  5. choco Said,

    now it’s can’t save

  6. choco Said,

    it’s can save but have to do 1 at a time

  7. Hilmar Said,

    Great cheat

  8. lina Said,

    its no work…..

  9. blerh Said,

    oh noooooo.. its on youtube

  10. lola Said,

    things to take note: it ONLY works on flash player 9.0 r124. the pet MUST play ball games, knocking on trees outside the house wont work. lastly, try hacking less than 30k per time, or it wont auto/normal save!

  11. lina Said,

    the one with the trees wich we freeze it works but the other with the ball it won t exept the 2 code…can anyone help?

  12. ahong Said,

    why after i execute the CE, and play the ball, my firefox automatically closed???what happen?

  13. choco Said,

    still working
    BUT “U HAVE TO DO IT JUST 1 AT A TIME” more than that is not working

  14. arv Said,

    cant save it… :(
    i try to do 2 times, the first one was saved. but the second one was not saved
    i repeated again, only 1 time. and cant save…
    whats wrong??

  15. Bernard Said,

    PS having maintenance now.

  16. Hello Said,

    Maintenance finished and seems doesn’t work anymore

  17. Hilmar Said,


    Not able to do it after this maintenance. When will people stop posting this on youtube?

  18. glassy Said,

    does this still work? can anyone still do the cheat after maintenance?

  19. me2323 Said,

    why the hell does everyone post it on youtube and all over the net hello idiots if patiniox does a hack leave it on he’s forum not copy it and paste on your own site bloody hell you search patiniox and it pops up everywhere im pretty sure the guy who did the hack aint going to keep finding a new way to hack so we can all go and wreck it again!

  20. lola Said,

    it still works, but it dc-ed me even after cheating only 5k per time.

  21. ahong Said,

    so do you mean dont pick 5k above?i just want to try it

  22. mandaPanda Said,

    any new coin cheat for PET SOCIETY COINCASH??

  23. Pedro Said,

    Stop crying about youtube and other stuff. These hacks will never work long cause of a few greedy people that will use them to make a few 100K’s (millions???)and get flagged pretty quickly.

    I personally bought everything I wanted and top up my pet with and an extra 20K. If everybody would do that, maybe these hacks would last more than a couple of days…

    I hope the hackers enjoy there cracks for a while before advertising them. The internet is full of morrons (yeah, the one that put the hack on Youtube are still the worst).

  24. rin Said,

    oh yea~ haha. LUCKY I HACKED a couple of Millions !! haha. Can substain me till next hack come out. Pedro, i not only hack 100k each time.. is 1Million EACH TIME!! MUAHAHAHAHA~. Hack is boring dont u know that? must keep repeating the steps. if you can get 1.4M per 5mins.. WHY NOT? LOLx

  25. IMMORTAL Said,

    Luckily, i still have a few millions in my 12 accounts.

    Anyway, this Thread doesn’t work anymore since 2 days ago Playfish has maintenanced.

  26. baby Said,

    is the cheat is still usable?

  27. casper Said,

    is this working? am i late? :(

  28. Juno Said,

    the cheat doesn’t seems to work anymore.

  29. u_U Said,

    failed proccess..

  30. lyserg Said,

    HEYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY ! with this code 840FFF85C12A0FF2 if you buy a WATERMELON and you type the ECX it give you money ! the question now is : it’s possible that we can save with this code ? 1 hour ago i hacked again my paw points and I saved ! but it’s possible with this code hack and save the money !?!?!?!?? REPLYY !

  31. admin Said,

    it is very old coin hack, already fixed
    still have level hack

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