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Fish a Fish

Fish a Fish is a Flash fishing game on facebook

More about it, visit:

Find someone else playing this:

To hack the items:

Require: Cheat Engine


(For number of item = N, the search value is N*8+6)

Use CE to search number of item value (Use 4-bytes , Also scan read-only memory)

eg, For hack a boat,

If you have 1 boat, First Scan 14

Buy the new one, Next Scan 22

It should only 1 address, double click it, add to bottom box, change it value to what you wish

(1000 items = 8006, 500 items = 4006)

Be millionaire more easy

Others items are same method

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  1. vhero Said,

    seems like a great cheat however the game never loads for me?

  2. Dadudez.. Said,

    I can’t get it…. Can u explain further?.. After getting one address, you change the value.. right?… after that… what’s next?… Explain please… Thank you..

  3. JBG Said,

    umm dont understand this hack at all

  4. admin Said,

    after change the value
    the number of item have changed, go to other page then go back equip page, you can see that

  5. vhero Said,

    @Dadudez.., you can get the game to load?? I cannot even connect to the server…

  6. sahh Said,

    Let me clarify something … is the hex code “N*8+6″, with N = number of the item you want to hack? So scan with that hex code, 4 bytes, and also scan read only memory? Cos when I use 4 bytes, I get loads of addresses.

  7. JECKZ Said,

    yup there’s a lot of addresses coming out….

    is there any easier hack for coins????

  8. JECKZ Said,

    and this game loads up very slow…

  9. Pracis Said,

    I think you might have to elaborate a bit more. Seems like there is something missing for sure.

  10. Hilmar Said,

    Have not been able to connect to this game all day.

  11. AcOi Said,

    got crash doing this cheat,,hiks,,

  12. Pracis Said,

    ok. got it to work. Instructions are as easy as stated. Try it on bait first. Make sure you have just one, do a scan of “14″. Next buy one more and do a “next scan of 22″ double click the address, add to the value as instructed and enjoy.

    Lovely hax.. :P Thanks!!

  13. MIke Said,

    If I could just get in.. After the loading trophy it says i need to reconnect… any solution?

  14. ahong Said,

    dont understand the cheat :(

  15. zacK Said,

    how to add value?

  16. JECKZ Said,

    how to add value n*8+6

    # of desired items times 8 plus 6

  17. ISONU Said,

    woow this game is sooo cool!! and the hack is soooo sweeett!! tip: when u hack an item, sell it in coppies!! eg: when u hack an item, sell it in big ammounts(u can decide how many buy the arrow in the middle) and leave only one so u can rehack it!! i baught the expenive boat and sold over 100000 one!! now i have over 100 million coins!!!!! so cool!!

  18. draggy Said,

    confusing. can somebody please clarify
    -there are many results coming out if we scan “14″ or “22″
    -at what page on fishafish should we be doing the scan?
    -buy first then scan?
    -or buy, scan, sell scan?
    -or buy, scan, buy 2nd, scan?
    -how to change value?
    -tick hex?

  19. h4ck3r Said,

    It means, for example u have 10 items/fish of the same kind. do a search for “86″. this is because 10×8+6 is the formula. (Nx8+6). N which means the number items u have.

    In simplier words: example u have 11 fish of the same kind, sell 1 off and u are left with 10 fish. then search for “86″, if u have more than 1 result, sell off another fish and u are left with 9 fish, then search for (9×8+6) which is 78. until u find the result u are looking for.

    after that change it to 7998 for 999 of the item. i always use 7998 coz i don’t want to go over 1k item incase it crashes.

    a short guide of number to search:

    Search Number
    1 14
    2 22
    3 30
    4 38
    5 46
    6 54
    7 62
    8 70
    9 78
    10 86
    11 94
    12 102
    13 110
    14 118
    15 126
    16 134
    17 142
    18 150

  20. draggy Said,

    here goes
    had 10 baits. scanned for 86
    result: lots of results
    sold 1, had 9 remaining, scanned for 78
    result: still had lots of results
    and so on had lots of results even until i had one bait left

    what did i do wrong?

  21. LOL Said,

    do you thik we can use this method to hack the exp?

  22. admin Said,

    buy one more , next scan 86,
    then sell one , next scan 78…
    try it… until one address left

  23. Voldi Said,

    Damn, i press Next scan and i get no results. :(

  24. Voldi Said,

    Ooooh, it works. :) Cool! :D thanx.

  25. Voldi Said,


    Thanx for explaining. :)

  26. marion Said,

    the game doesnt load.,

  27. JECKZ Said,

    the game loads u just have 2 wait

    make a hack for stamina


  28. Fish a Fish | Said,

    [...] Leave a Comment Fish a Fish is a relatively new Flash fishing game on facebook.  This cheat is developed and made clearer from cmwong’s page. [...]

  29. MIke Said,

    The game loads till ..Loading trophys then after that it says.. reconecct to server.. anyone has the same problems?

  30. QQbaby Said,

    i scan several time then found the only 1 scan but i dunno where to change the value >. change record > Value ??

  31. QQbaby Said,

    is it right click at the bottom page -> change record -> Value ?

  32. Hilmar Said,

    Two days now and I have not been able to connect to the game!!!

  33. mandaPanda Said,

    can explain it more detail? @@

  34. mandaPanda Said,

    @QQbaby, same with me.. is it correct? @@

  35. kevinsaw Said,

    i think you need to try many times, have one bait, scan for 14, then buy one more same bait, scan 22, then you;ll found it

  36. draggy Said,

    great. this link in your site really helped clarify step by step

  37. admin Said,

    yes, i know , it have give me a link
    as my style, i dont like to write the cheat very details
    but i will answer the questions

  38. Lund Said,

    Works perfect!

  39. confuse Said,

    first i have 10fish so i input 86 in the value box, when i hit first scan these are lots of address. then i sell 1 fish input 78 next scan there’s no address. how come? anyone can help me? or its should use flash 9?

  40. ISONU Said,

    @confuse, make sure there no fish of the same kind that ur hacking in the aquarium!! u should count it as well!! hope i helped! :)

  41. confuse Said,

    GREAT!! IT WORKS! Thanks ISONU..:)

  42. Tina Said,

    the cheat worked perfectly yesterday but today when i open fish a fish it is just a white screen. did i get banned?

  43. Flakibu Said,

    Hi! cheat works perfect!!!

    one cuestion.. how you determinate “n*8+6″ ?

    because i think , maybe is posible do the same thing in ps or rc ….

    well thank agains!!!!

  44. Hilmar Said,

    Third day and still not able to connect!!!

  45. admin Said,

    buy something,
    use “changed value” or “increased value”
    then wait a monent use “unchanged value”
    do it again and again

  46. zippa Said,


  47. muka muka Said,

    it works great thank you!

  48. Hilmar Said,

    Fourth day without any luck in connecting

  49. bjay Said,

    i really can understand this one.. can someone explain it specifically.. or step by step guide..

  50. bjay Said,

    i mean i really cant understand..

  51. kevinsaw Said,

    step 1, on explorer with fish a fish

    step 2, on CE5.5 and select firefox

    step 3, no hex, 4 bytes,also scan read-only memory.

    step 4, (with empty inventory) buy one bait. then scan for 14 [(1*8)+6], there will be a list of 14 shown. then buy one more bait, put 22 [(2*8)+6] and “next scan”. if there are more than one result shown, make another scan with 30 [(3*8)+6] and go on until you get only one result.

    step 5, double the (only one) result and double click the number in the “value” and change it to another number. if you want 1000 baits, you put 8006 [(1000*8)+6].

    step 6, make as much money as you can~~~ enjoy

  52. tracy Said,

    this is one wonderful and really simple hack.
    love it, thank you!!
    for those with a white page,
    for me, i had to wait about 10 mins for it to turn to the game screen. another 10 for the music data.. equip and all to load.
    hope that helps.

  53. jonas Said,

    To Hilmar: Remove the application (fish a fish) and add it again. This should resolve your problem

  54. tracy Said,

    May I ask how the equation (n x 8)+6 is derived?
    I’ve been experimenting, trying to come up with something similar for experience/stamina but I have no idea how that magic number is generated.
    Can someone help?

  55. nick Said,

    Is there a hack f0r experience? 0r stamina?

  56. Henry Said,

    cheat works great.. thanks!
    but any way to hack stamina?

  57. Hilmar Said,


    Sorry does not work.

    So here goes again: Fifth day and still no connection. Tried the computer at home, work and school. This game must have something against Iceland ;-)

  58. mthos Said,

    alguien podria explicar esto en español!!!!

  59. lorena Said,

    Si.. mira.. en español… abres el fish a fish…

    Y con el numero de pescados o items que tengas, lo buscas en el Cheatb Engine.. te van a salir muchos.. compre items o vende pescados hasta que solo salga un dirección….

    Dale doble click para que la mandes para abajo y cambia el numero de Value (el del final del renglonsito) y cambialo por 7998 = te dara 99 items…


    Hope it helps in spanish!!!

  60. Becks Said,

    Not working after maintenance.

  61. katar1989 Said,

    LOADING ITEMS . . . pif

  62. ItsOk Said,

    patched…only works wif bait

  63. mthos Said,

    gracias lorena

  64. Sandy Said,

    I’ve hack to change ur quantity to 998 in 1 click.. it’s very simple and easy~ like an amateur CE5.5 User… lol..
    Who want?

  65. bjay Said,

    doesnt work anymore..

  66. Sandy Said,

    it’s still working dude… i’ve try it…
    Now i can make about 400k in 1 minute ^^

  67. daveprima Said,

    it’s work, i try for sail boat and all bait

  68. daveprima Said,

    how about stamina? anyone find how to hack it ?

  69. bjay Said,

    its not working anymore.. my firefox always crash.. i use ce5 and flashplayer 9..

  70. stevenlim Said,

    dont think its working anymore

  71. stevenlim Said,

    anyone tried it yet?

  72. daveprima Said,

    yeah, right now is can’t hack again. :(

  73. acolyte Said,

    I couldn’t do it in firefox, but internet explorer is fine.
    Is there an exp hack?

  74. random kid =D Said,

    it still works tried in 5 minutes ago

    to me today is -Thurs June 25 09 atm 11:02 am

  75. bjay Said,

    i coudnt do it on both IE and FF.. it always crash..

  76. 12 Said,

    Does this still work?

  77. Llyeton Said,

    Its still working for me! 5m! haha..

  78. WithThyAndThee Said,

    Anyone can help me ? add me in msn apsp [email protected]

  79. Sumo Said,

    hello all

    why does no address on the second scan/ Next Scan?
    So does this work or not???
    please help me
    Thank you so much

  80. Subaru Said,

    I think they fixed it already…when you buy items its now being sent to you..

  81. Tri Vinh Said,

    hey it doesn’t work can u make a video to show everyone how to do it because it seem like alot people is missing somethin.

  82. Becks Said,

    Yea. they fixed it.

  83. Spencer Said,

    They already fixed it, so it can’t be used now.

  84. random kid =D Said,

    yep fixed

  85. Hilmar Said,

    Has Playfish beaten the hackers?

    Have not been a new cheat in 11 days.

  86. blush Said,

    can someone tell me if there is another hack for fish a fish? =D thank u.. just reply here if there is a new hack.. =D

  87. stevenlim Said,

    stamina hack would be good xD

  88. mes Said,

    still no clue after maintenance??
    somebody help please… :) )

  89. alvin Said,

    i’m still waiting for another hack..uhhmm..

    help please..:D

  90. Tri Vinh Said,

    ok, will someone please make a video of how to hack Fish a Fish in a site other than YouTube and please let us know

  91. rin`` Said,

    lolx. i hacked 600Million already. I think its enough for me to last through the whole game . =)

  92. RileyVace Said,

    I got this okay, and I cna find the address, but when i change the value (I was doing this with pink Worm) it doesn’t change in game.
    Then, Firefox crashes.

    It simply doesn’t work for me. :(
    I’m using Cheat Engine 5.5

  93. Mat Said,


    Don’t suppose you would be willing to spread the wealth?

  94. ISONU Said,

    @rin“, i hacked over one billion lolzz :P i have over 10 million item of each item!! :P

  95. grimm Said,

    is this still working? does it work on flash 10?

  96. Cloa Said,

    I am confuse right now…
    I already do the step correctly..
    But when I do the second scan, it doesn’t have any result…
    What version of CE we should use ?
    And What version of flash player we should use ?

    Please help me…

  97. alvin Said,

    @Cloa, it’s doesn’t work anymore after maintenance..
    i’m also still waiting for the new cheat..

  98. Tri Vinh Said,

    the second scan never work can u make a video or a new hack !!!!!!!!!!!!!!plz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  99. Tri Vinh Said,

    same here

  100. Llyeton Said,

    FaF pwn all of us… we can’t hack anymore.. Juz manage to get 5m.. Thanks to pro! =)

  101. Ahn So Hee Said,

    hi u can create a video tutorial to success the hacking^^ add my facebook: [email protected] thx.. give me the link.

  102. fabulous Said,

    hellloo??!? there’s no new hacking tutorial?

  103. Adrian Said,

    fish a fish restarted my account -_-

  104. Flakibu Said,


  105. tracy Said,

    mine too wtf but its okay it was kinda boring, only the hacking was fun :)

  106. Julia Said,

    Someone found the Fish Cash hack? Plz!!!

  107. Adrian Said,

    find a new hack :D new items and fishes are here . level hack will be useful :D

  108. xxxxxx Said,


    really? :D can i hav it? :) please email me here.. [email protected]

  109. Michael Said,

    @xxxxxx, … he said. find a new hack. not i found a new hack…

  110. mick Said,

    jz found this blog….n i’m tooooooo late for treat anything for that….
    hope to get new hack as well…

  111. Mahendra Said,

    Is it still working?

  112. girl64 Said,

    I love this game! please find a new hack! :P

  113. FISH Said,

    Lol Fish a Fish delete my character :( !!

  114. Mikami Said,

    damn it's not working! is there any cheat available?

  115. Mikami Said,

    how did you made it?

  116. Mikami Said,

    how did you do it?

  117. Mikami Said,

    is there a new cheat? waaaaaaaaaaah!!!

  118. shadow Said,

    can you hack the cash?

  119. Pory Said,

    could anybody gimme few expensive stuff,so i can sell and get some money for the keen start?
    hahah yeah blunt request i will be so grateful !
    my Char named PORY

  120. asdd Said,

    anyoneis hacking the game rigth now? plzanswer… ty

  121. anggieherdian Said,

    step 1, on explorer with fish a fish

    step 2, on CE5.5 and select firefox

    step 3, no hex, 4 bytes,also scan read-only memory.

    step 4, (with empty inventory) buy one bait. then scan for 14 [(1*8)+6], there will be a list of 14 shown. then buy one more bait, put 22 [(2*8)+6] and “next scan”. if there are more than one result shown, make another scan with 30 [(3*8)+6] and go on until you get only one result.

    step 5, double the (only one) result and double click the number in the “value” and change it to another number. if you want 1000 baits, you put 8006 [(1000*8)+6].

    step 6, make as much money as you can~~~ enjoy

    the second scan,,(when i click [next scan] didnt result anything..?

    its doesn work anymore?

  122. VINNN Said,

    I did every step correctly and i used the cheat engine 5.5 correctly (no hex, value 4 bytes, scan read only memory) but when i did the first scan (14) a lot of results came in but when i put (22) for the next scan there were no results shown though i did it correctly PLZ Reply!! i m struggling

  123. reyzki Said,

    cheatyang bisa banyakin uang

  124. steve Said,

    where should i put 14,22 or other else?it is hex?
    so…i let the hex column empty?
    but when i let hex column empty it didn;t work
    so how I can put the number (14.22.etc) to hack the game
    thank you

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